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Edna Conway on Why Asset Management is Such a Hot Trend

Posted by Nathan Burke on Nov 9, 2018 9:13:47 AM


On this week's episode of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast, Edna Conway discussed with co-host David Spark why the Axonius approach to asset management is unique, and why the topic is such a hot trend right now:

David Spark: Why is asset management trending so unbelievably hot right now?
Edna Conway: It’s a great question. Asset management has been one of our foundational elements of security. Quite frankly, we live in a digital economy, and as that digital economy is expanding, so too is the 3rd party ecosystem that is involved with each and every one of us. So understanding asset management - both from your own internal environment and that third party ecosystem - is foundational.
David Spark: What is the Axonius approach to this hot space of asset management?
Edna Conway: I think Axonius has a somewhat unique approach. It seeks to ensure the comprehensive visibility that is essential for true asset management. And it does that with an eye towards a very swift visibility that allows security investigation across the full spectrum of assets and solutions that they serve, both internally as well as in that 3rd party ecosystem. 
David Spark:  Are there any spaces companies are commonly missing where an asset management solution is desperately needed? 
Edna Conway: What’s missing is the connection between the “them” and the “us”. We don’t live in a world of “them” and “us” anymore, we live only in a world of “we”. If it is a world of “we”, then that means assets across perimeters and across physical boundaries and the intersection of companies all need to be viewed in one comprehensive way opportunistically. 
You can hear the full episode below (the conversation between Edna and David is at the 18:10 mark). 


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